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Sustainable Skills Resources

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Below you will find a series of resources produced as a result of the Sustainable Skills project. These resources are designed to enable vocational course tutors to embed relevant sustainable development issues into their courses.

Many of these resources can also be used in other contexts such as tutorial sessions or critical thinking classes.

Sustainable Skills Resources for the following subject areas (Levels 2 and 3):

Art and Design

Unit 4: Communication through Art - The Brief
A brief for students to produce a design that can be used as a poster as well as a leaflet/flier, raising awareness of Millennium Development Goal 1 to an audience of young people aged 13-19.

Please Note: This brief was given to students at Lancaster and Morecambe College and the final artwork was displayed in an art gallery and at a youth summit in East Lancashire. The artwork produced can be viewed on this website here

This brief can easily be replicated with students of Art and Design or other visual media courses.

Travel and Tourism

Tourism and Sustainable Development with the Tourism Game

Looking at issues of sustainable tourism culminating in the simulation ‘The Tourism Game'.

Business Studies

Unit 1: The Business Environment - Sustainable Development & PESTLE.

Analysing businesses familiar to students using PESTLE and SD models.

Resource Articles

Countryside Management 

Sustainable Development and Sports Hunting

Comparing and contrasting game keeping issues in the UK and Africa.

Resource Articles:



A board game looking at game keeping around the world.

Countryside Management

Sustainable Development and Mining (Environmental Science: Unit 5 - Understanding Principles of Physical and Biological Environmental Processes)

Looking at a variety of issues concerned with mining different minerals and the SD implications.

Resource Articles:



Resource Articles:


  • An Introduction to Sustainable Development for Beginning Teachers (coming soon)