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NWGEN vision: A global education for every child

NWGEN aim: To support teachers to include a global dimension in their work

The overall aim of the project was to provide North West teachers with more effective and sustained support for incorporating a global dimension into their teaching, by adopting a more strategic approach to provision of support throughout the region.

This was intended to enable all children to experience the global dimension across all phases of their education and across a variety of school activities.

NWGEN was one of 11 regional programmes funded by the Department for International Development, aiming to assist teachers in educating children in the 21st Century. The project aimed to develop children's capabilities to lead fulfilling lives in a changing world; build their skills to make positive contributions to local, national and global communities; and enable them to learn, adapt, and influence. This was done through working in partnership with the statutory and voluntary sectors, teachers, initial teacher educators, advisors, and other educators.

The NWGEN Management Group, made of educators with an interest in global education, oversaw the project at a strategic level.